Further publications

Donald Kalff - Hidden treasures

Further publications

From the Hidden Treasures Launch Event (CEPS, September 12, 2019)


• ‘Verborgen concurrentiekracht EU komt na de brexit meer tot zijn recht’
— Donald Kalff interviewed by Mathijs Schiffers, Het Financieele Dagblad (NL), September 2019

• ‘De  brexit kan een zegen zijn’
— Donald Kalff interviewed by Jef de Poortmans, Trends (BE), September 2019


• ‘Hidden Treasures and Innovation’
— Presentation by Donald Kalff to the United Europe Round Table, held at EY Berlin on 28 November 2019


Official contributions

Europe’s Digital Independence Day:

Contribution by Andrea Renda regarding the European Commission’s Strategies for Data and Artificial Intelligence, 19 February 2020

Plaidoyer in favour of the European Enterprise Model:

Contribution by Donald Kalff and Andrea Renda regarding the European companies’ strengths regarding the upcoming COVID19-related economic crisis compared to their US conterparts, 4 May 2020