EP briefing on SMEs and Better Regulation

February 2020

In this note, the European Parliament announces the statement by the European Commission on SMEs and better regulation during its February plenary session. In this respect, the EP underlines the long-standing EU objective towards creating a business-friendly regulatory environment, especially for SMEs and new entrepreneurs. The EP exposes the European Commission’s achievements in terms of its overall approach to entrepreneurship and its cross-cutting policy on better regulation, including its ‘SME Test’ that scrutinizes the impact of EU proposals on SMEs, as well as the EC’s current work regarding a new SME strategy and a communication on better regulation. The EP also develops on its systematic contribution to the policy debate on industry, entrepreneurship and SMEs.

The Hidden Treasures project importantly contributes to this debate on the improvement of the position of SMEs based on a transversal approach (second common denominator of our recommendations, see Hidden Treasures book (2019), e.g. at 190).

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