Further publications

Donald Kalff - Hidden treasures

Further publications

From the Hidden Treasures Launch Event (CEPS, September 12, 2019)


• ‘Verborgen concurrentiekracht EU komt na de brexit meer tot zijn recht’
— Donald Kalff interviewed by Mathijs Schiffers, Het Financieele Dagblad (NL), September 2019

• ‘De  brexit kan een zegen zijn’
— Donald Kalff interviewed by Jef de Poortmans, Trends (BE), September 2019


• ‘Hidden Treasures and Innovation’
— Presentation by Donald Kalff to the United Europe Round Table, held at EY Berlin on 28 November 2019


Official contributions

Europe’s Digital Independence Day:

Contribution by Andrea Renda regarding the European Commission’s Strategies for Data and Artificial Intelligence, 19 February 2020

Plaidoyer in favour of the European Enterprise Model:

Contribution by Donald Kalff and Andrea Renda regarding the European companies’ strengths in the upcoming COVID19-related economic crisis compared to their US conterparts, 4 May 2020

Supporting and Restructuring the Aviation Ecosystem:

Contribution by Donald Kalff and Andrea Renda discussing how best to support and restructure the aviation ecosystem at EU level, taking into account the New EU Industrial Strategy, its core “ecosystem” concept, the aviation ecosystem’s “hidden treasures”, and a suitable revised “policy mix”, 7 July 2020