Shaping Europe’s digital future

On February 19, 2020, the European Commission presented strategies for data and Artificial Intelligence focusing on three key objectives for making Europe a trusted digital leader: (1) technology that works for people, (2) a fair and competitive economy, and (3) an open, democratic and sustainable society based on Europe’s strong protection of rights and fundamental values and taking the digital as a key enabler. In its White Paper, the Commission envisages a framework for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) creating the right incentives to accelerate deployment of AI, including for SMEs, and subject to specific requirements of transparency, traceability and human oversight with respect to high-risk cases, such as, for instance, in health. As to the European data strategy, it is aimed at setting up a true European data space, a single market for data, based on the right regulatory framework regarding data governance, access and reuse complying with European values and rights, and on developed technological systems and the next generation of infrastructures.

In response, Andrea Renda speaks of Europe’s Digital Independence Day where Europe’s digital strategies are aimed at the realization of the Commission’s commitment to build a “Europe fit for the digital age”, but also, according to Andrea Renda, for some proposed measures, at “making the digital age fit for Europe” (as a continuation of the Hidden Treasures book’s contribution (2019), Chapter 10, at 171-193). See “Further contributions”.


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