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Relaunching the European Union after Brexit

February 25, 2020

In an Opinion in Le Monde, Enrico Letta, former President of the Italian Council and President of the Institut Jacques Delors, considers the Brexit as an opportunity to relaunch the European Union with a focus on the interest of citizens. In this respect, he supports afiscal harmonization at the EU level, an Erasmus at the age of 16, an enhanced social Europe, and the shift from the term “European Commissioners” to the term “European Ministers” better reflecting that they are in the service of the population.

In the same vein, in the Hidden Treasures book (2019), we make recommendations regarding notably a European fiscal policy and propose to broaden our project to other essential topics, including nearly free access to higher education or vocational training, with the objective of nurturing, deepening and expanding a unique European way, politically, economically and socially, creating a distinct form of capitalism, and finding a European post-Brexit identity in the interests of businesses, especially SMEs, as well as, more broadly, European citizens (see Hidden Treasures Book (2019), Chapter 7 and the Epilogue).

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